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Fitted SheetFitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet
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Sale priceFrom €26,25 EUR
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Wheels with rubber edge | 4-pack | white/grey |
Cot NinaCot Nina
Cot Nina
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Mattress Quilted Cotton Cover
Mattress Quilted Cotton Cover
Sale priceFrom €14,25 EUR
Junior long side allroundJunior long side allround
Junior long side allround
Sale price€40,50 EUR
Cot LuxCot Lux
Cot Lux
Sale price€149,00 EUR
Cot TorstenCot Torsten
Cot Torsten
Sale price€291,75 EUR
Long strap Bedside Crib F-954
Long strap Bedside Crib F-954
Sale price€18,00 EUR
Cot Lukas DuoCot Lukas Duo
Cot Lukas Duo
Sale price€186,75 EUR
Junior Rail TorstenJunior Rail Torsten
Junior Rail Torsten
Sale price€39,00 EUR
Junior Rail LukasJunior Rail Lukas
Junior Rail Lukas
Sale priceFrom €40,50 EUR
Changing unit LukasChanging unit Lukas
Changing unit Lukas
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Bumper Cot or CribBumper Cot or Crib
Bumper Cot or Crib
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Mattress with Cotton CoverMattress with Cotton Cover
Mattress with Cotton Cover
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Cot Lukas Sofa BedCot Lukas Sofa Bed
Cot Lukas Sofa Bed
Sale price€186,75 EUR
Drop sideCo-sleeping
Bedside Crib Oslo
Sale price€149,00 EUR
Room set TorstenRoom set Torsten
Room set Torsten
Sale price€674,25 EUR
Duvet Set Cot or CribDuvet Set Cot or Crib
Duvet Set Cot or Crib
Sale priceFrom €11,55 EUR
Crib TorstenCrib Torsten
Crib Torsten
Sale price€149,00 EUR
Duvet Quilt & Pillow SetDuvet Quilt & Pillow Set
Duvet Quilt & Pillow Set
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Junior Bed RoyalJunior Bed Royal
Junior Bed Royal
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Cot ScandyCot Scandy
Cot Scandy
Sale price€205,00 EUR Regular price€247,75 EUR
Changing unit LuxChanging unit Lux
Changing unit Lux
Sale price€148,50 EUR

Natural Materials

Our products are made of the beautiful timbers of Birch. Wood is a delight to work with and finish beautifully. The wood is sourced form the forests in Latvia that cover 45% of the country.