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Dresser RoyalDresser Royal
Dresser Royal
Sale price€310,00 EUR Regular price€373,50 EUR
Save €37,50
Cot RoyalCot Royal
Cot Royal
Sale price€186,00 EUR Regular price€223,50 EUR
Save €32,00
Junior Bed RoyalJunior Bed Royal
Junior Bed Royal
Sale price€155,00 EUR Regular price€187,00 EUR
Save €42,75
Cot ScandyCot Scandy
Cot Scandy
Sale price€205,00 EUR Regular price€247,75 EUR
Save €63,50
Troll Nursery Scandy DresserTroll Nursery Scandy Dresser
Dresser Scandy
Sale price€310,00 EUR Regular price€373,50 EUR
Save €30,00
Crib Glider LuxCrib Glider Lux
Crib Glider Lux
Sale price€110,00 EUR Regular price€140,00 EUR
Save €37,75
Cotbed SunCotbed Sun
Cotbed Sun
Sale price€299,00 EUR Regular price€336,75 EUR
Save €16,00
Cot SovaCot Sova
Cot Sova
Sale price€73,00 EUR Regular price€89,00 EUR
Save €7,25
Baby NestBaby Nest
Baby Nest
Sale price€29,50 EUR Regular price€36,75 EUR
Save €16,00
Play poolPlay pool
Play pool
Sale price€65,00 EUR Regular price€81,00 EUR
Save €4,00
Duvet Set Cot PastelDuvet Set Cot Pastel
Duvet Set Cot Pastel
Sale price€20,00 EUR Regular price€24,00 EUR
Save €4,00
Duvet Set Cot StarDuvet Set Cot Star
Duvet Set Cot Star
Sale price€14,00 EUR Regular price€18,00 EUR

Natural Materials

Our products are made of the beautiful timbers of Birch. Wood is a delight to work with and finish beautifully. The wood is sourced form the forests in Latvia that cover 45% of the country.