Wave Room Set Crib
Wave Room Set Crib
Wave Room Set Crib
Wave Room Set Crib
Wave Room Set Crib
Wave Room Set Crib
Wave Room Set Crib
Wave Room Set Crib
Wave Room Set Crib

Wave Room Set Crib

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Color:Light Green
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Wave Room Set Crib

Light Green

Troll Nursery

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Wave Set for Crib includes Crib, Changing Unit, Cocos mattress, fitted sheet, duvet set for crib, duvet & pillow


Introducing our exquisite new crib Wave, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. A soft swinging movement to help lull your baby to sleep. Made from the finest wood, each piece features gracefully curved edges that exude elegance and sophistication. Our crib is not only a stylish addition to any nursery but also provides a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your little one.

Invest in a crib that not only provides comfort and safety to your little ones' first precious months,  but also perfectly complements your nursery decor. Choose your Wave crib colour that offers endless possibilities and allows you to create a space that is uniquely yours.

Troll Nursery Crib Wave 

  • Size Width: 54cm | Depth: 76cm | Height: 95.5 c
  • Mattress dimensions Length: 89 cm | Width: 40 cm 
  • Material Birch / MDF
  • Care Wipe dry with a damp cloth. Avoid strong detergents or abrasives

Changing Unit
Introducing our beautiful Changing Unit Wave. Soft curved edges and wooden features, naturally painted in water-based paint. The Wave changer features an all-wood drawer that can be easily removed for practical storage space.  An additional shelf provides plenty of space for storing nappies, washcloths, clothing and any other accessories.
  • Size Width: 54cm | Depth: 76cm | Height: 95.5 cm
  • Changing top 70x50cm
  • Material Birch / MDF
  • Care Wipe dry with a damp cloth. Avoid strong detergents or abrasives
  • Colour Code Light green S3010 - G20Y


Safe, healthy & breathable. All natural, moisture-resistant, supportive and long-lasting mattress. Comfy mattress for a crib, cot or junior bed. Breathable mattress made from coconut coir & recycled material. Removable cover in 100% cotton.

Tip! Do not forget to occasionally turn and rotate the baby's mattress. This will more evenly distribute the weight on the mattress.


High comfort

Healthy & breathable core

Sustainable fibre & coconut mattresses made of recycled material

Removable cover

Size crib Length: 89 cm  | Width: 38 cm  | Height: 5 cm  

Washing instructions The removable cover is machine washable at 60 degrees. The inner mattress can be rinsed off by hand, max 40 degrees, without detergent. Carefully squeeze away any access water. Do not twist or wring the mattress out.

Coconut Fibre

Safe, Healthy & Breathable
Because coconut fibre is moisture resistant, it allows moisture to pass through it, creating a breathable core that provides better airflow for the baby. The coconut fibre then gets a liquid latex bath, making it resistant to mould, mildew, dust mites and bed bugs

Did you know that coconut fibre is made from coconut husks? With the increased consumer demand for coconut water, there was an abundance of unused coconut husk being produced. Since the husks are a natural by-product of coconut harvests and coconut trees produce new coconuts regularly, fibre is a completely sustainable and eco-friendly product!

Comfortable & Supportive
As if the sustainability wasn’t enough, coconut fibre is also a highly durable, spring-like alternative material that offers a supportive base for a baby’s sleep needs.

Due to its inherent moisture-resistant nature, coconut fibre is highly durable.

Why Coconut Fibre?
Because it’s a safe, all-natural, breathable, moisture-resistant, anti-mould and mildew, supportive and long-lasting material that prevents unnecessary waste of our natural resources.

 Fitted sheet

The perfect fit for your Crib. Making your baby's bed was never so easy. Quick and easy to cover your child's mattress. The elastic edges help with the perfect fit.

Duvet Set

Choose from one of our neutral light designs Feathers, Royal or Star. This duvet set includes a duvet cover & pillowcase for a crib. Made from cotton.

Troll Nursery Duvet Set includes 1 x duvet cover + 1 x pillowcase

Size CRIB:  Duvet cover: 70 x 80 cm, Pillowcase: 28 x 35 cm

Duvet Quilt & Pillow

Fluffy quilt + pillow set for your crib. 

Size: Crib  Quilt 75 cm x 65 cm. Pillow 32 cm x 26 cm

Troll предъявляет высокие требования к качеству и контролирует каждый шаг с момента поступления пиломатериала на завод до выхода готовой продукции. Краски, лаки и клей производятся на водной основе, экологически безопасны и производятся в Швеции. Мебель изготовлена из МДФ и массива березы из северной Европы. Вся мебель от Troll тестируется в ряде испытательных институтов на соответствие европейским и американским стандартам. Troll берет на себя ответственность за окружающую среду и перерабатывает производственные отходы, в том числе для отопления фабрик. Существует также система переработки красок и клея.