Bedside Crib Sun 2020
Bedside Crib Sun 2020
Bedside Crib Sun 2020
Bedside Crib Sun 2020
Bedside Crib Sun 2020
Bedside Crib Sun 2020

Bedside Crib Sun 2020

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Color:White SWC-SU0627 EAN4752159001082
Odber možný na Troll Nursery Zvyčajne pripravené do 24 hodín

Bedside Crib Sun 2020

White SWC-SU0627 EAN4752159001082

Troll Nursery

Odber možný, zvyčajne pripravené do 24 hodín

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Smiltene LV-4729


White bedside crib in a soft curved design. The long side can be lowered and the bed base can be set to nine different heights. Wheels included. 


Sleep close without sharing a bed with your baby. Sun bedside crib 2020 is a functional cot with soft design and lockable wheels. The details are updated in accordance with the latest safety regulations. Use free-standing as a small, flexible cot on wheels or side bed to place next to the adult bed.  Many also experience a sense of security that children and adults can sleep together without sharing a bed and sleeping area.

A bedside crib also works great for those small spaces you and if you are looking for a flexible mini bed. Thanks to the wheels, you can easily roll the bed to where you need it best, day or night. This white birch bedside crib has a bed base that can be raised and lowered in a total of ten different positions (see dimensions below). In this way, it can be optimally adapted to the height of the parents' bed. The long side has a function called a drop side and can be lowered. To lower the drop side, simply lift the long side and gently push the side towards the base of the crib. Lower to an “ open” position until the side stops. The long side will lock in its open position. To release simply push the simple push the long side towards the base once more. This will release the long side again allowing it to be lifted up to its “ closed position again. The long side has these two steps as a safety requirement - where you perform two steps at the same time. However, the drop side works smoothly to both push and lift / lower to change position.

NOTE! According to new safety regulations, the bed may only be used as a side bed next to an adult bed when they are fastened to each other with the fastening straps provided. Also note that once the long side is “ open” and in the lowered position it must not be higher than the adult bed's mattress. Tip! Buy a two-part bumper protection for bedside crib. Mattress not included.



Remember to never leave your baby unattended when the long side is lowered / open. Even when you sleep next to the crib, the long side should be up / closed.     

Also make sure to change the bed as soon as your child can start moving and pulling itself up. The bed must no longer be used when the child can sit, kneel or stand up.

Do not use as a side bed without the supplied safety belts. These are mounted between the adult bed and the cot as described. NOTE! Fits only adult bed with frame.

For all beds with wheels.  Even though the wheels are in the locked position, the floor may be slippery so that the bed slides away. You should, therefore, use a mat under the wheels for maximum safety.

There is a marking along one short side that shows the maximum height allowed for the mattress. For safety reasons, it is important that the mattress is not higher than this mark.


  • Size Length: 96 cm | Width: 45.5 cm | Height: 73 cm and upwards depending on the position (+ 6 cm with wheels)
  • Mattress dimensions Length: 89 cm | Width: 40 cm
  • Mattress heights Can be attached to an adult bed with a height from 59 cm - 74 cm (without wheels) + 6 cm with wheels. You choose between ten different positions.
  • Material Birch
  • Colour code NCS S 0300-N / NCS S 0500-N
  • Surface treatment Water-based environmentally friendly Swedish-made varnish
  • Safety Approved in accordance with the EU standard by an accredited test institute, EN1130: 2019

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Troll má vysoké požiadavky na kvalitu a kontroluje každý krok od chvíle, keď drevo vstúpi do továrne, až po výstup hotového výrobkuFarba, lak a lepidlo sú na vodnej báze, šetrné k životnému prostrediu a vyrobené vo Švédsku. Nábytok je vyrobený z MDF a masívnej brezy zo severnej Európy. Všetok nábytok od spoločnosti Troll je testovaný v mnohých testovacích inštitútoch, aby spĺňal európske aj americké normy. Spoločnosť Troll preberá zodpovednosť za životné prostredie a recykluje odpad z výroby, okrem iného, ​​na vykurovanie tovární. Nechýba ani systém recyklácie farieb a lepidiel.