Königliches Zimmer-Set
Königliches Zimmer-Set
Königliches Zimmer-Set
Königliches Zimmer-Set

Königliches Zimmer-Set

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Königliches Zimmer-Set

Troll Nursery

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Troll Royal cot in classic white or grey with a hand-painted grey crown on the headboard. The bed base is height adjustable in three positions.

  • Cot Royal design is inspired by the Swedish Royal Princess Estelle. On the high cot head end, there is a beautiful hand-painted crown. If you choose the Royal cot in classic white then the crown is painted in grey. The bed, which fits any nursery, has base that is height adjustable in three positions. Mattress is not included.  Junior side available for purchase separately - Junior-long side all-round (art. No. ACS-RA0403)
  • Hand-painted stylized crown on headboard
  • The bed base is adjustable in three heights
  • The bed can be supplemented with a junior-long side 


  • Size Length: 132 cm | Width: 67 cm | Height: 113 cm
  • Mattress Dimensions Length: 120 cm | Width: 60 cm
  • Mattress Height 27.5 cm | 43.5 cm | 59.5 cm
  • Material Birch / MDF
  • Maintenance Wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid strong detergents or abrasives.
  • Conforms to: EN716 1 & 2

Junior long side allround with slats. A smart accessory suitable for Lux, Royal, Romantica, Loft and Nina Cots. Use when the mattress bed base is in the lowest position.

Junior long side that fits a Troll cot Lux, Royal, Lina, Loft and Romantica cots. Perfect to use when you want to turn your cot into a small junior bed where the child can step in and out by themselves. Losen and remove one of the long sides on the cot and replace with the junior rail using the same screws and screw holes.

Keep in mind that the junior side can only be used when the mattress base is in the lowest position.

  • Size Length: 120 cm | Height 62.4 cm | Depth: 2.8 cm
  • Material Birch
  • Colour code NCS S 0300-N / NCS S 0500-N
  • Care Wipe dry with a damp cloth. Avoid strong detergents or abrasives.


Royal dresser with a hand painted grey crown on the cupboard door. Detachable changer provides several functions.


Classic and timeless dresser from the popular Royal collection with its signature hand-painted crown on the cupboard door. Three practical drawers and 2 shelves provide plenty of storage. When the changer is no longer needed, it is easily lifted off.

Important! Serious damage can occur if furniture tips over. Therefore, always anchor your dresser to the wall. Ties to anchor with included with purchase. Be sure to choose mounting brackets that fit your walls.

Detachable changer included

Hand-painted stylized crown on the headboard

  • Dimensions Width: 89/93 cm | Depth: 51/81 cm | Height: 97 cm
  • Changer Width: 85 cm | Depth: 78 cm
  • Material Birch / MDF
  • Colour code NCS S 0300-N / NCS S 0500-N
  • Care Wipe dry with a damp cloth. Avoid strong detergents or abrasives
  • Maximum weight 15 kg

Troll hat hohe Qualitätsanforderungen und kontrolliert jeden Schritt vom Eingang des Holzes in die Fabrik bis zum Verlassen des fertigen Produkts. Farben, Lacke und Klebstoffe sind wasserbasiert, umweltfreundlich und werden in Schweden hergestellt. Die Möbel bestehen aus MDF und massiver Birke aus Nordeuropa. Alle Möbel von Troll werden in einer Reihe von Testinstituten getestet, um sowohl europäische als auch amerikanische Standards zu erfüllen. Troll übernimmt Verantwortung für die Umwelt und recycelt die Produktionsabfälle, um unter anderem die Fabriken zu heizen. Es gibt auch ein Recyclingsystem für Farben und Klebstoffe.