Cots to guide and inspire you. Suitable for newborns.  All of our cots have a 3-height adjustable mattress base. 

Stylish features, or just a practical cot. Some of our cots have a dropside others a space-saving drawer. Cots for your baby's nursery room or space.



28 products
Cot WaveCot Wave
Cot Wave
Sale price€366,75 EUR
Cot TorstenCot Torsten
Cot Torsten
Sale price€291,75 EUR
Cot Lukas DuoCot Lukas Duo
Cot Lukas Duo
Sale price€186,75 EUR
Cot Lukas Sofa BedCot Lukas Sofa Bed
Cot Lukas Sofa Bed
Sale price€186,75 EUR
Cot SunCot Sun
Cot Sun
Sale price€261,75 EUR
Save €42,75
Cot ScandyCot Scandy
Cot Scandy
Sale price€205,00 EUR Regular price€247,75 EUR
Cot LuxCot Lux
Cot Lux
Sale price€149,00 EUR
Cot RomanticaCot Romantica
Cot Romantica
Sale price€223,50 EUR
Save €37,50
Cot RoyalCot Royal
Cot Royal
Sale price€186,00 EUR Regular price€223,50 EUR
Cot AlvaCot Alva
Cot Alva
Sale price€89,00 EUR
Save €15,00
Cot Glider DeLuxCot Glider DeLux
Cot Glider DeLux
Sale price€215,00 EUR Regular price€230,00 EUR
Cot NinaCot Nina
Cot Nina
Sale price€186,75 EUR
Save €16,00
Cot SovaCot Sova
Cot Sova
Sale price€73,00 EUR Regular price€89,00 EUR
Mattress with Cotton CoverMattress with Cotton Cover
Mattress with Cotton Cover
Sale priceFrom €12,00 EUR
Mattress Quilted Cotton Cover
Mattress Quilted Cotton Cover
Sale priceFrom €14,25 EUR
Fittings for cot base. 4-pack
Fittings for cot base. 4-pack
Sale price€7,00 EUR
Fitting pack Lux Cot
Fitting pack Lux Cot
Sale price€15,00 EUR
Fittings pack Lukas & Royal Cots
Fittings pack Lukas & Royal Cots
Sale price€15,00 EUR
Fittings pack Linda / Alva / Sova / Esther / Filip Cot
Room set LukasRoom set Lukas
Room set Lukas
Sale price€486,75 EUR
Room Set ScandyRoom Set Scandy
Room Set Scandy
Sale price€636,75 EUR
Room Set SunRoom Set Sun
Room Set Sun
Sale price€636,75 EUR
Royal Room setRoyal Room set
Royal Room set
Sale price€599,25 EUR
Fitted SheetFitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet
Sale priceFrom €5,92 EUR

Natural Materials

Our products are made of the beautiful timbers of Birch. Wood is a delight to work with and finish beautifully. The wood is sourced form the forests in Latvia that cover 45% of the country.