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Drop sideCo-sleeping
Lopšys prie lovos Oslo
Sale price€189,00 EUR
Vaikiška lovelė Lukas sofaVaikiška lovelė Lukas sofa
Vaikiška lovelė Lukas sofa
Sale price€198,00 EUR
Lopšys prie lovos, SUNLopšys prie lovos, SUN
Lopšys prie lovos, SUN
Sale price€198,00 EUR
Vaikiška lovelė Lukas DuoVaikiška lovelė Lukas Duo
Vaikiška lovelė Lukas Duo
Sale price€249,00 EUR
Vaikiška Lovytės TorstenVaikiška Lovytės Torsten
Vaikiška Lovytės Torsten
Sale price€389,00 EUR
Highchair RattanHighchair Rattan
Highchair Rattan
Sale price€99,00 EUR
Persirengimo stalas LUXPersirengimo stalas LUX
Persirengimo stalas LUX
Sale price€198,00 EUR
Lopšiukas TorstenLopšiukas Torsten
Lopšiukas Torsten
Sale price€189,00 EUR
Komoda TorstenKomoda Torsten
Komoda Torsten
Sale price€550,00 EUR
Changing unit LukasChanging unit Lukas
Changing unit Lukas
Sale priceFrom €200,00 EUR

Natural Materials

Our products are made of the beautiful timbers of Birch. Wood is a delight to work with and finish beautifully. The wood is sourced form the forests in Latvia that cover 45% of the country.